Civil Law and Litigation

Civil Law and Litigation

Civil Law and Litigation

Civil Law refers to private rights and remedies and governs disputes which are distinct from those under criminal or public law.  When our efforts on behalf of clients to uphold their rights through Legal notices and out of court negotiations for amicable settlement fail, our well equipped civil litigation lawyers with their wealth of competence and experience in Arabic Courts, manage and conduct the client’s civil litigations in UAE Courts. Our Knowledge Management Team ably supports our civil litigation lawyers, all through the proceedings from strategizing, drafting pleadings, adducing evidence, following up with experts, preparing arguments and preferring appeals when needed, to appellate courts and further to Court of Cassation.

We handle all sorts of Civil Litigations including suits for compensation, consumer disputes, debt collection/recovery and breach of contract, insurance claims (motor, fire, life, and industrial insurance) and litigation arising out of commercial disputes.

Litigations before DIFC Courts

The DIFC courts have jurisdiction over the geographical area of the international financial center (DIFC). Commercial disputes beyond the geographical area of DIFC can also be entertained by DIFC court if the parties to the dispute mutually agree. DIFC has its own legal system and laws while the judicial system in UAE is generally based on civil laws and the court language is Arabic. The DIFC court follows the common law system and court language is English

Being the best civil litigation law firm in DIFC, Our lawyers are well-versed with the general law in UAE and DIFC laws as well as court procedures. We are registered with the DIFC Court and have right of audience in DIFC Courts. We have been instrumental in forming a lot of such successful business structures both onshore as well as offshore, all over UAE, including in Free Zones.

Practicing as a civil litigation lawyer in UAE requires a mixture of Law expertise and an understanding of UAE’s cultural heritage.  UAE’s culture is viewed with respect in courts and proved to be effective in the handling of cases.  By our effective and fast service, we are able to save unnecessary litigations.


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